Lawn Treatment Services

When moss and weeds have been killed, or where grass is growing sparsely, it may be necessary to overseed.

Overseeding is the application of additional grass seed to help the lawn to stay thick and dense.

Overseeding with a variety of different seed species can be carried out in early autumn or mid-spring and is often necessary after scarification and/or aeration.

Over the course of a year grass cuttings, organic matter and leaves increase the layer of thatch which forms a spongy layer at the base of the grass stem. As this gets denser over time it prevents important nutrients, as well as oxygen and water, from reaching the root. This is a perfect environment for moss to flourish.

Scarification is the mechanical process of removing surface thatch from the lawn. It should not be confused with lawn raking using either a spring tine rake or an electric machine. Rakes and domestic machines are relatively good at removing dead moss but they have little or no effect on surface thatch. Mechanical scarification cuts through the root zone of the plant, creating a side growth “stolen” to aid recovery.

Hollow Tine Aeration
Aeration is the most effective way of reducing soil compaction and sub soil thatch. This mechanical operation involves the removal of thousands of cores, each about the size of your finger. These “plugs” are usually left on the surface to break down and act as a dressing. This procedure improves the movement of water, air and nutrients in the soil.

There are some instances whereby people require an instant solution to their lawn problems. They want their lawn to look great, but do not have the time for lawn care to take effect.

That’s where our turfing service comes in. Using specialist machinery, we are able to remove the existing lawn, prepare the soil, and lay new turf. This lawn replacement process will instantly transform the appearance of your garden.

Using quality turf, the lawn can be transformed in days. Once the turf laying work is complete, we can then put in place an ongoing lawn care treatment programme that will keep your lawn in excellent condition for years to come.

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