Lawn Treatment Plan

As the seasons progress throughout the year we change the structure of the lawn feeds to suit the soil temperature and conditions, applying the right feeds at the right time

Treatment One (January to February)
During the colder months lawns are treated with a liquid feed. This treatment helps to toughen the sward against the colder elements and provide a long lasting green colour and health support. It also assists with the control of moss by removing its ability to reproduce.

Treatment Two (mid-March to mid-May)
The second application is a “micro” fertiliser. This works really well at low soil temperatures, assists early season growth and strengthens the sward after the cold winter months.  It also discourages moss.

We also apply a first application of herbicide to kill weeds and stop their early development.

Treatment Three (late May to mid-July)
The third application raises the nitrogen levels, ensuring a strong dense growth of the sward with a beautiful result.

Like all our feeds, this feed is homogenous, so every granule has the same amount of nutrients, resulting in even growth and no speckling.

The second application for weed control is also applied.


Treatment Four (late July to mid-September)
Fertilizer, which is suited for the weather conditions at this time of year and a stabilised nitrogen feed, to lock in and deepen the colour, are applied.  Being organically based, the nitrogen feed contains components that feed micro organisms in the soil.

This stimulation of the natural processes leads to a reduction in thatch.

As well as carrying out weed control again, we also check for diseases and insect problems.

Treatment Five (early Oct to mid-Nov)
At this time we apply a very important winter conditioner which contains seaweed and iron, providing long lasting green colour and healthy support.

This treatment helps to toughen the grass plant in readiness for the winter months ahead and assists with the control of moss by removing its ability to reproduce.

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