Q: What are the benefits of using a professional lawn treatment service?
A: We carry out 4 scheduled treatments per year from April to November, which ensures your lawn receives the correct amount of nutrition and weed control at the correct time of year.

Q: What is the difference between the fertilizers that Fine Gardening use to the ones I can purchase from a garden centre?
A: We use the very latest technology fertilizers that are not available in garden centres or DIY stores.

Q: What is so special about the fertilizers that Fine Gardening  use?
A: The fertilizers we use are controlled slow release granules, which over a period of about 8 weeks will release consistent feed into your lawn and tackle common broad-leaved weeds.

Q: What should happen to my lawn after a treatment?
A: Weeds will start dying within 10 days, turning black then receding. These areas will then be replaced with healthy grass over the growing season. Even with the most advanced weed killers it is not possible to kill all your weeds with one treatment. You can expect over half of your weeds to be killed after the first treatment and after 2 or 3 treatments (depending on your lawn) you will see a significant improvement.

Q:  Do you have to water the lawn after treatment?
A: No. The mini granules we use are non-scorch, so early morning dew should be sufficient to start breaking them down to be released into your soil. However, the sooner these granules are broken down the sooner the feed reaches the root system, so during prolonged periods of dry weather it is advisable to water the treated lawn.

Q: Will the treatments have any effects on my pets?
A: No. We ask our clients to keep animals (and children) off the lawn for 4-6 hours after a treatment or until the weed killer is dry. If our clients prefer, we can leave a section of the lawn for your pets that eat weeds e.g. rabbits and guinea pigs.

Q: What if I have a pond?
A: The equipment we use is calibrated so we have total control over the area we are treating.

Q: When can I mow my lawn?
A: If you have a lot of weeds we ask that you don’t mow the lawn 3 days before treatment is due and for 3 days after. This will allow the weed killer/feed to travel from the leaves down to the roots.

Q: How often and at what height should I mow my lawn?
A: We have found that 90% of our clients mow their lawn too short. The secret is to keep the grass long enough to prevent the roots from being starved and short enough not to be unsightly. We recommend that you mow your lawn frequently, keeping the grass to a height of around 1.5 inches, and during prolonged dry periods, around 2 inches.

Q: When can I start the lawn care treatment schedule?
A: You can start the treatment at any time of the year, the sooner you start the sooner you will see the benefits of using a professional lawn care service.

Q: When will I know my treatment is due?
A: After your initial assessment, our Fine Gardening representative will give you a treatment date. Subsequent treatment dates will be detailed either within your contract or shown on the bottom of your invoice – please note that we provide a standing order arrangement to ensure you don’t have to worry about making your treatment payments, particularly if you are not based at the address we provide the gardening services, e.g. holiday home.

Q: What if I am not in when my treatment is due?
A: We understand that our clients have commitments throughout the week and are not always at home when we carry out our treatments. All we ask is that you leave us access to your lawn, e.g. unbolt your gate. If this is not possible we will carry out your treatment at another convenient time (inc. Saturdays or early evening).

NB. We will always leave a note to let you know when we have applied your lawn treatment.

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